Projects: Fundatia Umanitara Pacea

To benefit the school:

 1. First steps to school: 30 children aged between 3 and 6 are attending our alternative kindergarten, where they learn to speak, to play, to socialize, to eat and to wash. Every autumn, after the school year starts, children who were not enrolled in the public educational system are found and efforts are made to include them in the “alternative kindergarten”.

2.  The Literacy School is for the children and young people with ages between 10 and 25 who were never enrolled in any form of educational system, who cannot read or write. In this program, there are intensive courses, thus one year is equivalent of two years in a regular school. The initiative seeks to enhance the job opportunities for them.

 3.   Summer Together”. To avoid losing contact with the children during the three months of summer vacation, at our location we organize various recreational, formative and socializing activities, which ensure a continuity of our integration and training efforts, avoiding the danger of dropping out.

4. “A day with Saint Anthony”. From spring until autumn, every Saturday, children from the surrounding villages of Roman are invited at our location for various activities, sports and formation competitions. The number of attending children varies from 50 to 150, depending on the Parish.

5.   “Saint Anthony of Padua” Scholarships: 15 students and pupils with very good school results, but with a difficult economical situation, receive these scholarships.

6.   Informational and Prevention Activities. The police officers of the Neamt County Police Department organize informational events regarding the prevention of any forms of crime. At our Peace Foundation, these training programs take place two or three times every year, the beneficiaries of this campaign are 100 underprivileged children, pupils from poor families and Roma children.

           In favor of the poor and marginalized

7.   The Bread of the Poor”. With support from the Saint Anthony Caritas in Padua, our foundation purchased a machine to make bricks and one to cut wood. In collaboration with the Seminary farm, there was set up a workspace for the milk production. Thereby, more than 50 families with numerous children from Roman, receive milk and bread twice weekly.

8.  Social Cafeteria. Every day, more than 60 underprivileged children receive breakfast and lunch in our cafeteria.

9. “Remote Adoptions”. Every month we visit 50 families in Roman and neighboring villages, providing them clothes and food. There are many needy single parent families with numerous children. On special holidays we bring gifts for the children. Over 300 children are supported by this program of the Foundation.

10. “The House”. Due to multiple floods, we have intervened to help build houses for the most needy families who did not receive any financial support from elsewhere. The budget for one house varied from 4 000 to 6 000 euros based on the number of family members.

11.  A handful of trade, is a handful of gold”. Every year we organize, for three months, twice a week, sewing courses with a specialized instructor for a group of 15 girls between 14 and 18 years old who want to learn the basics of tailoring.

      Care and health education

12. "Health care first aid". In the "Olympic Village" outside Roman, there are four stables converted into rooms where over 2,000 people live in very poor conditions. A doctor and a nurse, provide the minimum necessary medicines and first aid in one of these spaces.

13. Interventions. There are many cases in which we have to intervene with funding for people in desperate situations (eg. a father in need of hip surgery, another father in need of heart surgery, children and teenagers with eye and face tumors, also the construction of water wells etc.)

14. Psychological help. We also offer this service, through our psychologist, to children and adolescents left home alone or with grandparents, neighbors or relatives, especially those who have difficulties integrating into society, coming from the streets or children without parents. Due to many requests, we opened an office in the Sabaoani town hall dedicated to children, youth and adults.

15. Dental Care. We have received a fully equipped dental office which ensures the children attending our centre, but also the poor, proper dental care.

16. Physiotherapy. In our medical centre we have an authorized physiotherapy office where a specialist comes twice a week to help people with disabilities and injuries to recover through massage and various physical exercises.

17. Clown Therapy. A group of 12 clowns from VIP Italia ONLUS Association visits us every year, and together we carry out clown therapy activities in the juvenile prison in Bacau, also in various inclusion schools for people with disabilities in Roman and Pastraveni.

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